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The journey to healing is not easy, but scars become beauty marks. KINTSUGI is Japanese art that means, once you put broken pieces together with gold; you change the whole story of the original piece, thus the creation of Beautifully Scarred Psychotherapy. I am proud of you for getting this far, mental health is not a bad word, oh and remember Broken crayons STILL color!



Hey! It’s nice to meet you! My name is Princessa Gervais-Aine LCSW. I'm a bilingual Haitian Creole speaking clinical therapist. I have over 10 years of experience in providing therapy. I specialize in trauma, domestic violence, immigration evaluations, mediations, depression, crisis intervention, anxiety, depression, self-esteem and self-concept, cutting, Christian counseling, NON-Christian and counseling. Ultimately, a little bit of everything. I hope to offer multiple services within my practice. Please feel free to search this site for more information. I understand it has been hard for you to find help, but look at YOU!! You are one step closer. Now pick your head up, your crown is falling!


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Helped me heal

Princessa has been a gift and vessel used by God of guidance to help me heal, face giants and undo conditioning from bad habits, trauma and mishaps. She allows me to vent but not wallow in pity and our sessions are an open space for a mirror of correction to be held up in love. Her motto “broken crayons still color” is a transparent calling to all the people who felt they are broken without the fight to be whole let alone be used again—she confronts those lies and reveals the truth in counseling. I’m thankful for all the work we have done thus far and what we will continue to do!

- JM

Kind and Warm

Princessa Ainee is an amazing therapist. Her kindness and warmth put me at ease and allowed me to open up about my emotional problems. She provided me with the tools and support that I needed to make my progress effective. She is non-judgmental and patient and her guidance helped me to develop a more positive relationship with myself and others. Princessa is an excellent listener and always provided me with thoughtful and insightful feedback. I'd recommend her to anyone in need of a therapist! 


Gracious and Helpful Therapist

I can't think of a more gracious and helpful therapist than Princessa. The way she communicates allows room for you to unpack your thoughts and feelings without the thought of being judged or condemned. She is someone you can go to about any and everything, and I am glad i had her as my  therapist.

- GJ

Helped When I Didn't Know How to Manage

I enlisted Princessa help when I didn't know how to manage all of the the challenges I was dealing with in my life. I was frustrated and disappointed with where I was in my personal life. I remember a saying she shared with me, "you can erect walls, but they don't need to be as high as you have them." That statement helped me find peace and created healthy boundaries from toxic people and thinking. Also, I learned to place a door along that wall to allow what I wanted, and needed  to enter.

- MD

Princessa was a Godsend

Princessa was a Godsend during a very rough time in my life. She Assisted in helping me with refocusing my thoughts on positivity and helping me to remember that I am worth everything great that comes my way. She literally held my hands in the journey of becoming a better me. I would recommend her to anyone! She is amazing.

- SV

The Finest Life-Altering Decision

Therapy from Princessa G.A. was the finest life-altering decision I could have made in order to attempt to repair my marriage and childhood wounds that I was unaware were affecting me. When confronted with adversity, the tools I acquired through therapy always come in useful. As soon as my schedule permits, I fully intend to resume therapy sessions with and only Princessa. I am grateful to Princessa, and so are my children, for bringing out the best in their mother, which I had previously believed to be extinct.

- JA

An Amazing Couple’s Therapist

Princessa was an amazing couple’s therapist. She’s a fantastic therapist in general! I didn’t have much experience with a therapist but she was exactly what my wife and I needed. We were looking for a knowledgeable therapist that also was Christian. She gave us the tools to create and maintain a good foundation in marriage and I can’t thank her enough. I highly recommend Princessa. She will make you feel heard, understood, and break down any issue so you understand

- BA